Jack was born 12.8. 1983, and double-deals with Michael Jackson since 11ti years, than for her dance performance fees. It is behind a series of television programmes (sauna, Caruso ŠOU, ESO, STŘEPINY, TELEVIZNÍ NOVINY, breakfast with NEW, TOP Song, Nee, Extra, 60 MINUT and others), and the shooting on television advertising in the Exhibition Palace in Prague, the car manufacturer Daewoo brand, which is reflected in the Korean countries. The benefits include large international show in Poland, soccer stadium of 35,000 spectators witnessed.

He worked with many well-known Czech artists showbusinessu (Helena Vondrackova, Michal David, Yemi AD, Tomas Krejčíř, Maxim Turbulenc, Peter Paul, John Musil, Vladimir Nečas, Veronika Žilková, Zdenek Troška, Pavel Kožíšek and others). It has a large number of awards from various dance competitions (currently not participate will no longer compete as a competitor, but he was as Juror some Czech dance competitions).

Now Jack intensively with their own dance projects and dance performance. This is a great professional success, not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Really large and varied appearances at various events, starting with dance clubs, company parties ends, is proof Honzovo qualities, and the public interest for his dance performance.


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ČSA (české aerolinie)
Black and Decker
Cinema Star
Česká pojištovna
Optima Diamant
- (people dealing with diamonds)
Chance Casinno
a spoustu dalších.....
Helena Vondráčková
Michal David
Zdenek Izer
Leoš Mareš
Bára Munzarová
Svetlana Nálepková
Petr Rychlý
Davide Mattioli
Sagvan Toffi
Zdenek Troška
Veronika Žilková
Honza Revai
Bára Munzarová
Dan Holovský
Petr Kotvald
Kamil Střihavka
Julián Záhorovský
Petr Zvěřina a další...
Sauna (Tv Prima)
Caruso šou (Tv prima)
Eso (Tv Nova)
Střepiny (Tv Nova)
Televizní noviny (Tv Nova, ČT1, Tv Prima)
Snídaně s Novou (Tv Nova)
Top Song (Top Tv)
Nee (Tv nova)
Extra (Tv Prima)
60 minut (Tv Barrandov)
Talentmanie (Tv Nova, Tv Markíza)